About me

Japanese artist 

Instagram : taikomatsuo


Born in Hiroshima. Living in Tokyo. I graduated from Hiroshima Jogakuin Junior College. After working as a systems engineer at a car company, I studied painting at Setsu Mode Seminar before starting to work in Tokyo as an illustrator. 

I've produced illustrations for many ads, and my work is featured on the covers of over 300 books. 

I've also co-authored books with popular novelists and published illustrated books about shrines and Japanese myths. Through this experience, I've come to embrace the ancient Japanese concept that gods dwell in everything in the universe. I feel that one of my strengths lies in portraying such a world through a colorful, flat, pop aesthetic using acrylic gouache on canvas.


Photo by Kaoru Izima


I visited Japan's most famous shrine, Ise Jingu, and 125 related shrines about 10 years ago and published an illustrated book about that experience. I was interested in ancient Japanese mythology, in which the gods of these shrines appear, and now I have visited more than 200 shrines. Through this experience, I've come to embrace the ancient Japanese concept that gods dwell in everything in the universe.


I draw inspiration from the primitive shapes of Jomon era pottery, the rich design quality of rinpa-style painting, and the flat landscapes depicted in ukiyo-e woodblock prints of the Edo period.


I love fashion and aim to use beautiful patterns and colors in my work. I want to fill the world with love through layers of beautiful colors and express the fact that we are not alone.


< Selected solo exhibition>


2019 "in the forest" ROPPONGI Roppongi Hills,Tokyo,Japan

2012 "Books love illustration" DAIKANYAMA TSUTAYA BOOKS,Tokyo,Japan 

2011 "Layered" POLA MUSEUM ANNEX,Tokyo,Japan

2006 "Be Happy Xmas" SHIBUYA PARCO LOGOS GALLERY,Tokyo,Japan 

2002 "Flower garden" AOYAMA BOOK CENTER TOKYO,Tokyo,Japan



<Group exhibition>

2022 "ASYAAF&Hidden Artists Festival"  Seoul , Korea


< Selected work>

2022 "8 million Gods of God Card" was published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha

2020 Tsuruga City "Design Manhole" illustration

2020 "Book Card NEXT" illustration

2020 Picture book "I'll Be There for Sure" was published by shueisha

2016 Special Exhibition Commemorating 30 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Bhutan "Tips for Living Happily in Bhutan" (Ueno Royal Museum) Art Direction

2016 Fukui Bank "passbook/cash card" illustration

2014 "Kojiki yuru-kami zukan" was published by Kodansha

2012 Suntory "Tennensui Billboard" illustration

2010 NHK "Top Runner: Illustrator Taiko Matsuo" appearance

2010 Lion "Soflan Alloy Rich Bottle" Package Design

2008 Coca-Cola "2009 Calendar" illustration

2005 "Presents" was published by Futabasha

2003 House Foods "Curry Marche TV-CM" illustration